Change your energy, change your life!

If, right now, you’re not sure which Collection is best, perhaps life is so full you can’t think straight, you want them ALL, or you just want to outsource one decision to an expert, order a Bespoke essence.

Bespoke essences are tailor made to specifically support your energetic needs in this moment. Making yours is sacred. Our Bespoke essence makers, Zoe and Shirley, are the creators of Heart2Shine and the Heart2Shine Flower Essence Range. Once your order is received, the sacred work begins.

Zoe or Shirley remotely connect to you and tune into your energy field, communicating with your deepest self, and establishing which specific blend will best uplift, support and help you feel and live your best. Once your unique needs are established, your Bespoke essence is made and then carefully packed and shipped directly to you.

When your Bespoke essence arrives, unpack and take your first dose (7 drops under the tongue or into some water and drink).

As your energetic blockages begin to dissolve, your vibration will rise, flow will be re-established and, with better energetic support, you can reconnect, feel clearer and get going with what needs to be done, feeling like you’re crushing it once more.  

Your life is precious. Don’t spend your time feeling off your game, wasting mental energy going round in circles or focusing on everything that’s wrong. If you’re feeling low or down on yourself, let’s lift you up. Let us help you. Then relax. Watch an inspiring movie, go to yoga, enjoy the sunset and eat some great food.

We’re here for you. We want you on your A game. Let’s get you there.

Order your Bespoke essence today.