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Entrepreneur Collection
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  • Entrepreneur Collection
  • Entrepreneur Collection
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You need to produce and produce quickly. But your head is jammed. You can’t focus. Your creativity is switched off and you’re feeling overwhelmed and doubting yourself as you sit staring at your computer or blank page. Motivation? Yes, you remember that. And right now, it’s hiding, along with your stamina, belief, inspiration and ability to produce and execute. Left in its place, doubt, fear, insecurity, fractured thinking, anxiety and half-baked effort.

Press pause: YES, you can. YES, you can. Deep breathe. YES YOU CAN! With a little help from our Entrepreneur Collection:

Clarity to help you release your focus, ability to think straight, strategise and execute with greater precision whilst boosting your mental stamina.

Inspirit to help dissolve your painful creative blocks, relieve any existential crisis, and give you the power to turn on your creativity tap on and off, whenever you need it.

Fortitude to help give you a boost of extra strength, tap back into your stamina so you can overcome the roadblock of lack of energy, motivation and discouragement and get moving forward with vigour once again.

Buy the Entrepreneur Collection now.

Quit staring blankly, wondering why your brain won’t work, your creativity dried up or where your belief and stamina went. You are not made for this struggle. You are not born to give up. You were not created to produce half-baked work. You’ve come too far to fail. YES, you are up for this challenge. Stumbling blocks are part of the course. Roadblocks are to be overcome. YES, you are meant to do this. YES, YOU CAN do this. And YES, you WILL do this! Brilliantly.

Secure your abilities and get your Entrepreneur Collection today. You have something to give and this world is waiting for it.



Do I Take All Three Essences Together?

Yes. Keep your action trio by your desk. Take 7 drops every morning, either under your tongue or add 7 drops to your water. (Make sure you have water on your desk. Great hydration is important to performance).

Once your trio is consumed, your energy field is primed for the performance you want from today.

You MAY need to further supplement throughout your day. Why?

Your energy field is not fixed. That means one big, bad reaction and you’ve flooded yourself with bad vibes (to put it kindly). Take another 7 drops to get you back into flow, focus and strong performance.

  • Take 7 drops (1 dose) of Clarity to help regain focus.
  • Take 7 drops (1 dose) of Inspirit to help flow and creativity.
  • Take 7 drops (1 dose) of Fortitude to help feel strong, up for it and get you going once more.
  • Before strategy and problem solving, take 1 dose (7 drops) of Clarity
  • For late nights, take 1 dose (7 drops) of Fortitude.
  • For issues that seem impossible to resolve, take 1 dose (7 drops) of Inspirit.
  • When on the run, Fortitude will help strengthen, Clarity help stay mentally engaged and Inspirit help mentally jump from meeting to project work, strategy to sales and most importantly adjust from work life to more easily flow at home. The you at home NEEDS to have a different vibe from the you at work. Inspirit will help you switch gear, change lane and feel more present with your homelife, family and friends.

How Will I Know When It’s Working?

When you are engaged, in the game and at at one with your work.  Essences work on your subtle energy field. There will be no thunder and lightning and you may not notice the brilliance your Entrepreneur Collection Essences is releasing. But that’s good! Releasing your brilliance is exactly why your taking them. So pay attention to how you feel. And remember, we know you’ve got this! Take them and get going...

Anything Else I Need To Know?

Should you find yourself less than one with your work whilst at your desk, take a dose (7 drops) of Inspirit and take a break. FLOW. Energy needs to flow and so do you. It’s what performance is based on. Take your Inspirit essence, walk round the block, stop to hydrate and sit right back down. YES YOU CAN! Now go

*Caveat: we are assuming you’re doing the work you are designed for. If you think you might not be, consider also taking our Life Purpose Collection. If you are but you’re feeling disconnected from all the doing, striving and work, consider taking Our Help me Connect Collection. You matter!